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Head Back to School with Itzy Ritzy Snack Bags, Lunch Bags and Rolling Suitcases! - 08/27/14

Head Back to School with Itzy Ritzy Snack Bags, Lunch Bags and Rolling Suitcases!

As we inch closer and closer to Labor Day, we'll soon be entering the full swing of the back to school season. Luckily for us, the Itzy Ritzy Store has assembled an excellent selection of child and eco friendly alternatives to schoolyard classics for our children to enjoy all year long. The Itzy Ritzy Store's Back to School Page features a wonderful collection of Snack Bag Bundles, Backpacks, Lunch Bags and a host of other fashionably chic and highly practical products to help get your child started off right this year.

Lunch Happens Insulated Reusable Lunch Bag

Prepping our children's lunch has always been a tricky endeavor. The paper sacks, plastic baggies and often bulky lunchroom boxes of the past are becoming more and more of an actual hindrance to not only our children, but the environment as a whole. Itzy Ritzy has properly remedied this problem by integrating smart and eco friendly solutions into their collection of Snack Bags and Lunch Boxes. Incredibly versatile by design, Snack Happens Reusable Snack & Everything Bags are the ideal lunchroom accessory to accompany your child this upcoming school year. Snack Bags provide parents a quick and effortless means of storing all of their child's favorite treats and toys in one highly resilient and soft to the touch container. Representing the absolute height of performance, Itzy Ritzy Snack Bags can easily be maintained and are machine washable. Not only will these Snack Bags save you the expense of purchasing countless baggies, you'll be promoting a safer and greener world for you and your child to enjoy.

Itzy Ritzy Preschool Happens Toddler Harness and Backpack

Itzy Ritzy Snack Bags come in two distinct sizes that allow you to further customize your child's lunchroom experience. Snack Happens Reusable Snack & Everything Bags are the standard size and offer a surplus of space to stash all of your child's lunchroom and playtime essentials. The Snack Happens Mini Reusable Snack & Everything Bag features all of the strengths and flexibility of its larger counterpart and provides parents an increasingly convenient means of carrying all of their child's must haves on the go. All of the Itzy Ritzy Snack Bags are beautifully decorated and feature a bevy of colors, patterns and designs to perfectly accentuate your child's one of a kind individuality. The Itzy Ritzy Store has also included a number of theme appropriate Bundling options for you to explore and save substantially on your next purchase.

Itzy Ritzy Snack Happens Bag Bundles

The Itzy Ritzy Store showcases the ideal alternative for all of those heavy, bulky and snap riddled lunch boxes of the past. The Lunch Happens Insulated Reusable Lunch Bag is another reusable option that's easily maintained and includes an ample amount of storage space for parents to peruse. Finally, you can complete your child's back to school collection with the addition of the Adventure Happens Rolling Suitcase. Featuring an adjustable handle and performance heavy wheels, Itzy Ritzy's Rolling Suitcase is an excellent candidate for alleviating the stress and weight placed on your child's back and shoulders. The actual sizing of this Child's Suitcase is also instrumental in that it can easily and effortlessly be tucked away in any number of traveling scenarios.

For all of these Back to School leaders and a host of other applicable options, be certain to visit the Itzy Ritzy Store frequently for additional information on upcoming products, deals and storewide exclusives. When it comes to prepping for the upcoming school season in the height of fashion and practicality, nobody does it quite as well as Itzy Ritzy and their exciting approach to children's products and accessories!

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Head Back to School with Itzy Ritzy Snack Bags, Lunch Bags and Rolling Suitcases! - 08/27/14

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